TOP QUESTIONS ABOUT THE CITY. The most important info about Saint Petersburg

Question: If you come to Saint Petersburg for the first time, how long should you stay there?
Answer: we recommend spending there about a week or day less to enjoy your travel without getting bored. If you come just for a couple of days, that’s too little. There are many sights worth visiting in Venice of the North, so 5 days is the minimum. If you can do more, do it!
Question: How to reach the Pulkovo airport and return then?
Answer: well, it depends on your funds. First, you can use a public bus (route 39 or 39A) to reach the nearest subway station Moskovskaya. There you follow the 2nd metro line to Nevsky prospekt station, and here you are in the very centre. Also you can take a taxi (more expensive, certainly) or in advance order a transfer service from the airport to the necessary point. You can use the official Taxi Pulkovo counters. International taxi services like Uber or Get taxi also do work in big Russian cities (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Sochi, Rostov-on-Don and etc.). There is also a Russian analogue commonly used by locals – Yandex Taxi. The application is free for iOS and Android. And of course you can book an airport transfer with us before you come and be greeted at the airport.
Question: What season is the best to come to Saint Petersburg?
Answer: well, we think that Saint Petersburg is always beauteous, we could also add that summers (you can extend it from late April to early October) are friendlier than winters here. If you don’t like watching water all around and slipping on a melting snow, then skip the eleventh, third and fourth months for sure.
Question: Isn’t it dangerous to come to Saint Petersburg?
Answer: It is not, if you are attentive and accurate. Try to spend more time in the public places and don’t let strangers talk to you (unless you really need something from them). As in any country, you should use your common sense and avoid wandering alone in deserted places. However be careful holding cameras, place your wallet in inner pockets.
Question: Do you find Saint Petersburg a place worth living in?
Answer: Certainly, there are things yet to be made better (e.g. some infrastructure and roads) and some things to be taken as fact (cold winters and lots of rainy days throughout the whole year). But disregarding all this Saint Petersburg has beautiful palaces, numerous trade areas (where you can find everything you need), great history to study and so on. The taxes here are quite moderate, so you spend less money for living. Also we should pay respect to the appearance an education of Russian women.
Question: Do you recommend to hire a guide or to go on your own?
Answer: both. Yes, tickets are available in the Internet, but you must always consider that the guide (especially when he or she is a native Russian) can know something not written in any book and share this knowledge with you. Of course you can make yourself a plan with a list of sights, but certainly you will miss something crucial and regret that.
So we advise you to do a couple of days with guide working specially for you and then spend some time solo. This is the best way to enjoy your journey and share both leisure and education.


1. Saint Petersburg card is a unified tourist electronic card which includes admission to the best museums and tours, transport pass, best offers and discounts. It is developed for an individual guest and allows free entrance to museums, excursions or some price reduction for the entrance tickets. Additional bonuses are valuable profits in rooms booking, café and restaurants discounts, e-ticket with a transport pass which can be recharged in metro cash-desks. Cards are available for 2, 3, 5 and 7 days. If the tours are well-attended, you can increase the discount up to 30%. The card comes with a tourist guide that provides information about Saint Petersburg attractions, card use regulations and some other useful hints and advices. Before the card is activated, the start and the end dates must be filled out. The card’s price depends on the number of days of use: card for 2 days costs 3500 RUR, for 3 days 4700 RUR, for 5 days 5800 RUR, for 7 days – 6500 RUR. You can buy it online here or in authorised offices.​​
2. City tour pass is a ticket booklet using which you can tear off a coupon and then exchange it to a ticket at the museum cash register. If you want to receive a free ticket or a discount you have to present the booklet at the cash register which has a City Tour Pass sticker. Also you can buy tickets without waiting. You can buy it online on the website http://citytourpass.ru/ or in partners’ offices (info points of Saint Petersburg Tourist Information Bureau at Palace square, St Isaac Square and Vosstaniya square, at RZD-service point in Marble Hall of Moskovsky railway terminal, at Peter and Paul Fortress’ cash register opposite the Boat House left side from Peter and Paul cathedral, at the concierge service in your hotel, at metro cash-desks on stations Admiralteyskaya, Nevsky Prospekt – 1 (entrance from Mikhailovskaya street), Moskovskaya – 2 (entrance from Altayskaya street), in the head office of STN hotel network at Karavannaya street, 7). There are many companies in the city which make discounts for the City Tour Pass owners, e.g. Astra Marine water tours, the “Black caviar” shop, the “Floor 41” restaurant, Singer house cafe, Akme mini-hotel and others. 3-days City Tour Pass is 3900 RUR for adults and 2000 RUR for children from 6 to 16 age.
3. A discount PassCity (Voxxter) tourist card for Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Tickets to the most famous and the largest museums and galleries of Moscow and Saint Petersurg are included. The number of visits within the card duration is unlimited (e.g. you can visit several museums in one day), but it includes only one visit to one museum. A second visit is available after 20 days. You can freely listen to audio-excursions on your mobile phone within the validity dates. The rate “Two capitals’ culture with a coffee cup” also provides you one free coffee cup in Shokoladnitsa café network (available after the visit to a museum). The price for one person begins with 2990 RUR, the card can also be issued for two persons.​
4. The tax free option for the foreigners Citizens of countries which are not members of Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) may return the VAT. For this you need to purchase goods amounting to 10 000 RUR and more including VAT within one day. To receive the reimbursement such goods must be proceeded through the special checkpoint set by Russian government. The VAT return does not apply to the excise goods. The individuals can claim a VAT return within one year after the purchase provided that the goods are exported within 3 months after the purchase.


Question: are the prices high in Saint Petersburg?
Answer: if you compare Russian cultural and official capitals, Moscow and Saint Petersburg, you will find that prices in Saint Petersburg are lower. It doesn’t mean you can trade to reduce the price in shops or supermarkets, yet you can always find an appropriate food stand or café. Just don’t go everywhere by taxi and try to have lunch in special “economy” places – this way your wallet will remain fat. About the sleep – there are cheap hostels located mostly in the city centre, don’t hesitate to use them. The total daily sum should be about 35 euro pp (excluding shopping and accommodation), then it is totally OK.
Question: I would like to contact my relatives whilst staying in Russia.
Answer: The easiest way is just to buy a local SIM card. The most preferable operators are Megafon and MTS. You can make a call to your country or use Internet for Skype or messaging through WhatsApp or Viber. These will work on any smartphone with an up-to-date OS. Wi-Fi is usually free in most cafes, restaurants, hotels and shopping malls.
Question: is it better to book a flat or just a room in the hotel arriving in Saint Petersburg?
Answer: it all depends on your journey duration. A room fits perfectly for a 5-7 days trip. If you are about to stay longer, a flat may be better option. Before you make your choice, think for a while about your desirable amount of expenses and level of comfort. Anyway you can compare the rates on hotel accommodation and staying via services like AirBnB.
Question: which restaurant serves good Russian cuisine?
Answer: Reading the guide-book, you will find thousands of restaurants and cafes with different menus, list of services, prices etc. The best options, as we think, are Masha Ï Medved on Malaya Sadovaya, 1 restaurant and famous Vodka Room. Russian food is always served there and its success is definitely permanent.  For Soviet cuisine try Soviet café “Kvartirka” on Nevsky pr., 51.
Question: there are lots of souvenirs almost everywhere, what to choose?
Answer: just come closer to the stand and think! Everyone knows Russian wooden dolls (Matryoshka) and once tried fiery vodka. Excluding these, the list of “necessary belongings” can also contain Pavlovo scarves (so beautiful), Ushanka hats with their funny ears, striped t-shirt named Telnyashka, much popular amongst the seamen, birch little boxes or brooches, Valenki boots (you will never freeze) or Bear (popular faery-tale hero) figures.
Question: I’ve also heard about the famous Russian ballet. What performances are the best, where to watch them and how to buy a ticket?
Answer: These best-known shows are Nutcracker, Cinderella, Swan Lake, Giselle and Sleeping Beauty. There are two theatres in the city: Mariinsky and Mihailovsky that are the most famous. If you don’t book your ticket a month or more before the show you may never get it. If you do not seek for something that grandiose, you always can find it in special stands neat subway stations or just surfing through the Internet. In any case, it’s better to think in advance.


31 July 2019
Rosa Makhaeva

Many thanks to the specialists of Progulki company for their speed, professional competence and well-organized tour in Saint Petersburg for the Chinese students.
I've been the customer of this company for 3 years already and still have never regretted my choice. The managing is always high level, the buses are comfortable, the guides are qualified, the hotels are good.None of our of our requests or issues was left without solving.

I’m sure we will use the services of Progulki many times and recommend them to our friends – people working there know their job well.

Thank you so much!


May 21 2019
Tamara P

My trip to St Petersburg was short but amazing not only due to the city itself but as well due to this Agency, Natalia and my brilliant guide Victoria.

I had only a weekend in November 2018 to explore this amazing city and very specific interests in art history and architecture. I did not have time to plan it myself properly, so I just shortly explained to Natalia what I would like to see. In very short period of time Natalia offered me a great two days itinerary that blended my wishes ideally - and for a very good price as well. Besides this, having my first experience of St Petersburg with my guide Victoria, it was an exceptional one. Victoria spoke fluent English and had impressive knowledge of St Petersburg, Russian art and culture. In addition, she was very passionate about both the city and her job. I learned a lot from her. The whole trip was organized perfectly and I enjoyed every minute of it. I am learning Russian now - I think this says a lot what kind of experience I had.

I am sure I will come back to St Petersburg and as well to this Agency that I would recommend to everybody who would like to have a special and genuine experience of St Petersburg.
When they say that they care about their customers' experience and that they have knowledge of the city, Russian art, culture and any other area of interest connected with their service, they are among the rare that are telling the truth! They really do. Besides they are true locals! They have an office in the St Petersburg and people who work in this Agency live there. It is not that their Customer Service is placed in the other part of the world while arranging for you a local experience on the other part of the world.


4 May 2018

On April 27, 2018, we ordered a boat trip for a group of 12 French tourists. The trip was a perfect ending to our stay in Saint Petersburg. Tha navigations season had just begun and we were lucky with fine weather. It was a pleasure to see the canals, admire the beautiful streets and historical buildings again. Elena, the guide, made a wonderful excursion, all the tourists were satisfied.

By the way, we were late for the trip for 30 minutes, and I’d like to thank Elena and the boat crew for waiting. We’ll be glad to purchase trips in your company again.


13 August 2016
Alex G

Trip to Petergoff. It was very good organized trip. It was started at time. the guide worked good. Good balance between cost and benefit.
9 June 2016
Ichy B
I highly recommend this walk, especially for first timers in Saint Petersburg!

Very good, the streets are clean and I promise that you won't stop taking pictures.


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