Progulki receives Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Award

It finally happened and now we are proud to say that we had received a famous prize – Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Award 2020.
2020 was and still is a challenging year for us all, but still we go. Maybe you who are reading this are not going to visit Saint Petersburg in the nearest future – but now we’re quite sure you will come later. Now we stand among the best-known Saint Petersburg places of interest: The Naval Cathedral of Saint Nicholas in Kronstadt, Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood, The State Hermitage Museum, Tsarskoye Selo State Museum Preserve and many others.

What is this award?

Only 10 percent of tour operators, hotels or restaurants receive this award. Tripadvisor checks the feedbacks left on the personal page and thus chooses the best participants. Our clients think that we were really helpful with fulfilling their wishes – a majority of you gave us 5 stars and wrote a short (sometimes not really short) delightful review of the journey. We are actually a young company – just 12 years ‘old’ – and haven’t really got used to receive reviews written on Tripadvisor (currently we have only 469), thus being chosen is even more delighting to us!

Who else has received this award?

Now we stand among the best-known Saint Petersburg places of interest: The Naval Cathedral of Saint Nicholas in Kronstadt, Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood, The State Hermitage Museum, Tsarskoye Selo State Museum Preserve and many others.

What does this mean to us?

It literally means that we are currently moving to the right direction and making the right decisions. If a potential customer moves to our Russian-language homepage and tries to get acquainted with a new company, the recognition by such a big organisation like Tripadvisor will surely persuade him or her to make the order here. Of course, we also have to continue providing a high-quality service, respond in time and be prepared for all unpredictable situations – and now we must take these demands even more seriously, because big success means also a big responsibility.

Our managers help you choose a tour

Now we have to learn more, to work faster and to obtain stronger connections with our partners. It’s a client’s privilege to demand the best, so we now have no right to let it go away. Being amongst the best always means searching the ways to improve, never stopping. The limit is the sky, as we all know.

What does this mean to you?

If you are making a plan to go to a new place or to find something unknown in the place you’ve already been, you often don’t really know where to start. Too many museums, too vast variety of hotels or restaurants – being overwhelmed with the choice can make you angry and really stop from any planning. We ourselves have been through this and know this. We all need to have some strong criteria.

Every company which offer tours will tell you that they provide the best possible service. We also do it. So whom to trust?

We advise you to trust Tripadvisor. Millions of travellers every day share their opinions there. You can find photos made by real people to see the actual look of the interesting street of building, stories told not by the promoting agency but by those who have really been to the place you’re interested in and felt everything on his or her own. You can read honest reviews and thus form your own point of view.

And finally if you start checking the places you are interested in on Tripadvisor, you will surely want to choose one of the companies that Tripadvisor itself recommends. If you come to Russia (especially to Saint Petersburg), be sure that we are here to help and to make for you a journey you will never forget.

With pleasure, Progulki


31 July 2019
Rosa Makhaeva

Many thanks to the specialists of Progulki company for their speed, professional competence and well-organized tour in Saint Petersburg for the Chinese students.
I've been the customer of this company for 3 years already and still have never regretted my choice. The managing is always high level, the buses are comfortable, the guides are qualified, the hotels are good.None of our of our requests or issues was left without solving.

I’m sure we will use the services of Progulki many times and recommend them to our friends – people working there know their job well.

Thank you so much!


May 21 2019
Tamara P

My trip to St Petersburg was short but amazing not only due to the city itself but as well due to this Agency, Natalia and my brilliant guide Victoria.

I had only a weekend in November 2018 to explore this amazing city and very specific interests in art history and architecture. I did not have time to plan it myself properly, so I just shortly explained to Natalia what I would like to see. In very short period of time Natalia offered me a great two days itinerary that blended my wishes ideally - and for a very good price as well. Besides this, having my first experience of St Petersburg with my guide Victoria, it was an exceptional one. Victoria spoke fluent English and had impressive knowledge of St Petersburg, Russian art and culture. In addition, she was very passionate about both the city and her job. I learned a lot from her. The whole trip was organized perfectly and I enjoyed every minute of it. I am learning Russian now - I think this says a lot what kind of experience I had.

I am sure I will come back to St Petersburg and as well to this Agency that I would recommend to everybody who would like to have a special and genuine experience of St Petersburg.
When they say that they care about their customers' experience and that they have knowledge of the city, Russian art, culture and any other area of interest connected with their service, they are among the rare that are telling the truth! They really do. Besides they are true locals! They have an office in the St Petersburg and people who work in this Agency live there. It is not that their Customer Service is placed in the other part of the world while arranging for you a local experience on the other part of the world.


4 May 2018

On April 27, 2018, we ordered a boat trip for a group of 12 French tourists. The trip was a perfect ending to our stay in Saint Petersburg. Tha navigations season had just begun and we were lucky with fine weather. It was a pleasure to see the canals, admire the beautiful streets and historical buildings again. Elena, the guide, made a wonderful excursion, all the tourists were satisfied.

By the way, we were late for the trip for 30 minutes, and I’d like to thank Elena and the boat crew for waiting. We’ll be glad to purchase trips in your company again.


13 August 2016
Alex G

Trip to Petergoff. It was very good organized trip. It was started at time. the guide worked good. Good balance between cost and benefit.
9 June 2016
Ichy B
I highly recommend this walk, especially for first timers in Saint Petersburg!

Very good, the streets are clean and I promise that you won't stop taking pictures.


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